Dish of the Day: Bolgnese

Dish of the Day: Bolognese Click for Recipe

This is the gourmet food site where you find “real world” information, articles, and recipes that you can use everyday. We are so tired of food shows, web sites, and recipes that are not practical.

At TheNetGourmet.com, we will provide you with gourmet foods and recipes you can use daily; with your family, with your friends, even when you entertain. “We make Gourmets out of the meat n’ potato crowd”.


Have you got a great recipe!
Take a minute to submit your recipe into our database for the world to enjoy. No, it doesn’t have to be a “gourmet” recipe. And,it’s ok to personalize it with your name and even a link back to your web site if you want!

Thinking Thinner…

A little while ago… The Net Gourmet realized he was getting “thicker” around the middle. The problem was when we looked for recipes that were not only healthy, but they were tasty we really didn’t find much.

So, we started to develop some of our own recipes that were not only great tasting, but they are good for you too!

How did we do this? Really, just trying to cut down on fats. These are not “diet” recipes, they are good tasting healthy recipes. Try some of them and let us know what you think. Click the link below to take a look at them.

Check Out Healthy Recipes!









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